ERIN VAN DER MEER is an Australian writer based in New York City who covers news, travel and trends in North America.

Erin’s tendency to overthink drives her loved-ones crazy, but it usually leads to a story. Recent examples include the rise of sending Seamless vouchers to people who are grieving, trying to make wellness fun again in Los Angeles, the importance of a women-only ocean pool in the #MeToo era, and why hotels can trigger your existential dread

Before leaving Sydney, Australia in 2015 to travel the world and ending up in New York, Erin was a journalist on-staff at some of Australia’s most popular publications, including CLEO and DOLLY magazines and Nine.com.au

If there are tumbleweeds on her Instagram and/or Twitter account, it means she’s on a break from social media because she’s a) working hard on her novel, b) on a wifi-free adventure or c) going through an ‘Instagram is destroying society’ phase. Maybe all three. BRB.